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The most significant decision in couples life is to take the big step  forward & embark upon the journey of parenthood.

Not everyone has an easy journey to attain parenthood but with the advancement in technology  and a crystal clear roadmap of treatment every couple can now fulfill their dream of  completing  a family. it is a dream to see your heart strolling outside your body. and we at SUNSHINE FERTILITY pledge to walk you step by step through that journey to make your dream a reality.

sunshine fertility & IVF Centre is the vision of Dr. Amiti Agrawal who is trained from the best institutes of india and abroad and is her dream to provide premium infertility….

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We at Sunshine Fertility & IVF Centre have a vision to provide complete women’s care from conception to delivery.We have a full fledged Fertility unit with an advanced fertility centre equipped with all latest equipments.After we are successful in achieving a pregnancy we also take the mother through her pregnancy with meticulous antenatal care,diet counselling,antenatal exercises,physiotherapy and finally delivery in the smoothest way possible for the mother.We also have facilities for a level 2 NICU with a dedicated paediatrician who will be available during the delivery and can provide initial new born care in the “first golden minute.” Our USP is our dedicated team which can provide individualised health care to each and every patient who comes to us with a lot of hope in their heart to achieve parenthood.


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Meet our Team

dr. amiti agrawal

Medical director
& Ivf consultant,Endoscopic surgeon & Gynaecologist

M.S(OBG), F.M.I.S., F.R.M., M.R.M.(LONDON)

dr.prakash pawar

Chief Andrologist &
Male Fertility Consultant


Dr. Harshada Thakur

Obstetrician & Gynaecologist


dr. kamal mudaliyar

Paediatrician & Neonatologist

M.B.B.S, D.C.H, IAP Fellowship in Neonatology

dr. madanki srinivasan

Fertility counsellor & Gynaecologist

Diploma in Psychological Counselling

shraddha shetye

Chief Embrologist

fertility services
How we help


history taking & examination of the couple

pelvic ultrasound of the women to check for pelvic pathologies and examination of ovaries & uterus properly.

Semen analysis of the husaband

Essential blood tests of the couple

Fomulation of treatment plan

Prescription of medicines as per the treatment plan.

1-2 days for initial workup and treatment plan

15 days for hormonal injections,egg pick up, fertilization of eggs by husbands sperm and embryo transfer.

From day 2 onwards about 10-12 days of hormonal injections are given to the patient depending upon her day 2 scan,AFC,AMH& BMI

Intermittently patient is called 3-4 times in these 10-12 days for follicular study and hormonal tests to check for follicular growth.

Once the optimal egg growth is achieved a trigger injection is given

Egg retrieval/ovum pick up is done under short general anaesthesia which is totally painless

On the same husband’s semen sample is taken and injected into the egg of the women by ICSI or mixed in a petri dish for IVF

After 3-5 days the Embryo transfer is planned which is a short procedure and does not admission or anaesthesia

Post ET counselling with the experts is done and sent home with our best wishes

what our patients say about us

Dr. Amiti mam is a very friendly. quick decision maker. helpful and approachable anytime. The best gynaec. the confidence she shows heals half the illness. budget friendly. Doctors available 24x.. friendly staff. Awesome service. I would strongly recommend.

Mrs. Anita Nayak

Dr. Amiti is well versed in this field. Armed with knowledge and experience. She is friendly and professional. She solves our queries very patiently. Never asks for unnecessary teste Always optimistic.

Mrs. Saloni Kumari

What I liked about Dr. Amiti is her detailed explanation of the process. its implications and chances of success. She is down to the earth and humble person
and has mastery of her subject.

Mr. Arbinder Singh

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